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Whether you are looking for help in finding the perfect kitchen countertop for your home or simply need assistance with getting your chosen countertop installed, Yeshua Cornerstone is happy to help. We have a wide variety of kitchen countertop styles and colors to choose from and have expert installers standing by. Some of our materials include granite, quartz, marble, and quartzite. Give us a call today to learn more!

Affordable Kitchen Countertops to Find Your Perfect Fit

We do our best to provide our customers with a wide variety of countertop options for their kitchens and bathrooms, and we have styles and materials to fit all budgets and lifestyles. So no matter how big or small your project is, give us a call today to get a Free estimate and learn about how we can help build your dream kitchen today. 

Beautiful kitchen countertops in Raleigh, NC.
Custom fabricated stone countertops.

Custom Countertops: Design Your Dream Space

If you are looking for custom countertop solutions in the Raleigh and the surrounding areas, then give us a call today. Our team of expert designers, fabricators, and installers can help you get your dream kitchen sorted out. We can customize your countertops to fit any space and will work with you through every step of the process. 

Kitchen Countertop Installation Services in Raleigh

One of the services we offer our customers includes kitchen countertop installation services. We have assembled a team of experts that take great care with your materials when installing into your residential or commercial space. We have years of experience and take great pride in the work we do for our customers. 

Countertop installation services near Raleigh.
We are trusted fabricators and contractors.

Why Choose Us for Your Stone Countertop Needs?

We are trusted countertop fabricators and installers and have been accredited by the Better Business Bureau. We strive to provide affordable rates and ensure that our customers are happy and satisfied and will go the extra mile to make your dream kitchen come true. If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call today to learn more.  

We Are Better Business Bureau Accredited

High Quality Materials, Granite, Quartz, Marble, & Quartzite

We do our best to source the highest quality products and materials we can from trusted vendors and suppliers. We know our customers care about the quality of their stone countertops and have done our due diligence in selecting the materials that will last a life time if taken care of properly. Call us today for more information on our products and materials. 

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High quality countertop materials.

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Kitchen Contractors You Can Trust

We are trusted contractors in Raleigh, NC and the surrounding areas and have years of experience working as home, kitchen, and bathroom contractors for both residential and commercial spaces. No matter how big or small your project is, we can help bring your space to life with our fantastic countertops and services. We take pride in our work and want our customers to be happy and satisfied with every project we complete. We have an A Rating with the Better Business Bureau and take our work very seriously. You can count on us to get the job done right. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best countertops for your money?

This is a hard question to answer and completely depends on your specific needs and tastes. However, we do believe as a general rule of thumb that granite and quartz countertops are some of the best options you can choose for your kitchen. They are both beautiful, durable, and will last a lifetime if taken care of properly. They are both worthy investments for your home.

What is the most reliable countertop?

As of 2023, Quartz is taking first place when considering how durable and stain resistant the material truly is. However, some would still argue that granite is #1, but this can depend on your personal needs and tastes. Quartz is a man-made engineered stone that is often confused with "quartzite", which is a natural stone countertop.

What is the most popular countertop in 2023?

The most popular stone countertop material in 2023 is quartz. While granite is not far behind, quartz has taken the lead because of the durability, minimal upkeep, and variety of styles and colors. However, quartz is not a natural stone. It is a man-made material, so if you are wondering which natural stone is the most popular in 2023, then that would likely still be granite!

Do you provide countertop installation services?

Yes, we do. Stone countertop installation and fabrication is one of our main services. We can help you select from a wide range of stone countertop materials, including quartz, granite, marble, and quartzite. Once you’ve selected your material, we customize it, cut it, and professionally install it into your home space.

What is the best countertop to use in a kitchen?

That is a hard question to answer and completely depends on your personal needs and tastes. Granite is a natural stone that will last a lifetime if taken care of properly and quartz is a man-made engineered stone that is nearly indestructable and requires very little maintenance. However, more research is needed to determine what is best for you and your situation.

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View Our Showroom in Raleigh, NC

If you'd like to come and visit our showroom, you can find us right here in Raleigh, NC. We would be delighted to setup an appointment with you and show you around the office and answer any questions you may have. We have a variety of countertop styles in-house right now. Please do not hesitate to give us a call! Our phone number is (919)-615-1021. 


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