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Are you looking for a timeless countertop solution for your new kitchen or bathroom? Here at Yeshua Cornerstone, we love marble countertops and the natural and elegant beauty they provide any space. Marble is truly a breathtaking piece to add to any room or space that will leave you in wonder for decades to come. 

Marble countertop project in Raleigh, NC.
White marble countertop with beautiful veining in Raleigh, NC.
Island marble countertop for kitchen remodeling project in Raleigh, NC.

The Timeless Beauty of Marble Countertops

Marble has a look and feel that other countertop options don't quite have. There is just something about marble that still attracts people regardless of everything else available on the market today. The tone, richness, and veining present in marble is truly a natural work of art. If you are looking for a high-end countertop solution for your home that is all natural and gorgeous, then you may want to consider marble for your space. 

Kitchen remodeling project with quartzite countertop in Raleigh, NC.
Kitchen remodeling project with quartzite kitchen countertop in R

Caring for Your Marble Countertops: Tips for Longevity

While marble is a beautiful and elegant countertop solution for your home, it does require a bit more care and maintenance than the other options available on the market today. Since marble is a softer material, you will need to be more aware of how you treat it over time. While it is a natural stone and still very durable, it is more prone to scratching and chipping than alternative countertop materials. 

  • Remember that it's a softer countertop material, so be careful with sharp objects to avoid scratching.
  • Marble is porous, so remember to clean it often and seal it every 6-12 months. 

Pros and Cons of Marble Countertops:

Pros of Marble

  • Marble is a beautiful material to use for countertops and will add value to your home or space. 
  • Marble is a natural stone (eco friendly) and is also heat resistant. However, we recommend that you remain careful with extreme heat to ensure your marble remains in the best shape possible over time. 
  • Marble is very unique and has veining and patterns that make it stand out from other countertop options. 

Cons of Marble

  • Marble can be expensive depending on the the style and slab you are wanting. However, it certainly can add value to your home space. 
  • Marble countertops require more maintenance and care than alternative options. However, we believe this extra love and attention is worth every penny and minute spent. 
  • Marble is porous and will require proper cleaning and sealing over time to ensure it lasts a lifetime. 

Marble vs. Quartzite


  • While marble and quartzite are both beautiful natural stones and can be somewhat similar in styles, marble does offer some truly beautiful and elegant styles not found elsewhere. 
  • Marble is still considered one of the highest-end and valued countertop options and is truly a prize to have in any home or space. 
  • While marble may not be as "durable" as other options, it's much more durable than people realize, and sometimes this discussion point is exaggerated. Marble is strong and durable, but just needs a little bit extra attention at times. 


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Marble vs. Granite


  • Marble has a unique and luxurious/sophisticated look when compared to certain types of granite. 
  • Since marble and granite are both natural stones, they can handle high temperatures of heat well. However, we still recommend that you are careful with extreme temperatures no matter what kind of countertop material you choose. 
  • Marble is more rare in households today and is considered a high-end and high valued countertop material. 


  • In general, granite is more affordable than marble. 
  • Granite requires less care and maintenance over time. However, we still recommend you keep your granite in good shape so it lasts for life!
  • Granite tends to be less porous overall and helps reduce the risk of staining your countertop and harboring bacteria, yet we still recommend sealing your granite periodically. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are marble countertops still in style in 2023?

In short, yes, the white marble countertop trend is still in style and actually increasing in popularity in 2023. Marble provides a truly luxurious look that is sure to make any kitchen stand out from the pack. We believe marble is timeless, and will always be a popular style regardless of what is trending at the current time.

Do marble countertops require sealing?

Yes, marble countertops do require sealing at least once a year or more depending on the frequency of use and abuse. This prevents your countetops from easily becoming stained or scratched.

Can marble countertops be used outdoors?

Yes, but marble may not be the best option for outdoor kitchen countertops. Marble is a softer material when compared to others and may not be the best option for outdoor use. Instead, you may want to look into using granite and quartzite for your outdoor kitchen countertops.

Are marble countertops suitable for kitchen use?

Of course! However, that does mean it will require a bit more care and maintenance from you over the years, so please keep that in mind. However, if you are looking for something more durable that requires less maintenance, you may want to consider granite, quartz, or quartzite as an alternative option.

How often should I seal my marble countertops?

You should seal your marble countertops at least once per year, but maybe more depending on the use and abuse you give to it. Also, it will depend on the type of sealant you are using for care and maintenance of your countertop.

Can marble countertops withstand heat?

Yes, marble is heat resistant but you should still be careful with extreme heat. Marble is a high-end countertop material and we still recommend using hot pads when necessary just as an extra precaution.

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